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Tarsal Gland Oil      1oz   $3    2oz   $4    4oz  $6    16oz  $10

2oz Gel    Fighting Mad $4       Nature's Draw $4   

2oz Cover Spray   $1.00   Choice of Acorn, Apple, Earth, Fall, Pine, Scent Eliminator

2oz Cover              $2.00   Choice of Fox or Raccoon

Miscellaneous*   Dropper $.50    Pump Spray Cap $.50   4-Pk Scent Pads  $1   

                           4oz Bottle w/ Flip  $1   4oz Bottle w/ Spray  $1  

                           2oz White Oval Bottle Pump $1
                           2oz Bottle-Glass $.25     Case 2oz. Bottle Glass (80 pcs)  $15
                           1oz Bottle-Glass  $.25    Case 1oz. Bottle Glass (120 pcs) $15

                           Pint Bottles $1        Pint Case (153 pcs)  $30       Quart Bottles $1.25

                           2 oz. White Wide-Mouth Jar w/ Threaded Cap Lots of 100  $20

                           5-Gallon White Pails w/ Pour Lid $3

*While supply lasts. 

Shipping Monday-Thursday via the USPS, Priority Mail, 2-3 day delivery until the end of January.  Call Monday through Friday 10a-5p.

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