Interesting Scent Uses
Helpful Hints

All Northern Whitetail Scents are fresh, clean and pure.  For best results, store all products tightly capped, with no excess air in the container, and in a cool, dark place.  Scents and lures work best when used in conjunction with a masking or cover scent.

In low wind conditions ~ use scents and lure sparingly (3-4 drops or just a single spray is enough).  Too much scent will permeate the area causing deer to loose interest.  Too much is unnatural.  In windy conditions, take a mist or spray bottle (Northern Whitetail Scents carries 2 oz. and 4 oz. spray bottles) and spray frequently from your tree stand (one pump/spray every hour).

Make your cover scents and eliminators work overtime by placing several drops of scent eliminator on each of your hunting garments and place them in a tightly sealed plastic bag or box with a couple of extra drops (not recommended for fox or raccoon urine).  Fox or Raccoon Urine is a natural cover scent and are extremely effective.  Apply to exterior of rubber boots or along the ground in the area in which you plan to hunt.  Do NOT over apply.

Doe Heat and Buck in Rut Gels can be used in all weather conditions (won't easily wash away in rain or snow) and generally will last longer than liquid scents.  Gels don't evaporate as quickly.  They work well with liquid scents.  Place gel on limbs and branches about 2-3 feet off the ground for 100+/- yards to and from your stand.  Do this by removing the cap and dipping a series of limbs or branches in a concentrated, cleared open, area directly into the jar.  Be careful not to touch the limb/branches with your hand.  Always wear rubber gloves.  You can also use the gel jar as a stopper (place in open area where you want the deer to stop).

Use Northern Whitetail Scents dispensers/pad/hangers.  Add scent to the plastic zip-lock bag, allow pads to absorb scent, remove hangers from the bag using a twig or rubber gloves and hang several (4-8) around your tree stand area where you want the deer to stop.  When you're done hunting for the day, place hangers back in the zip-lock bag and keep in cool, dark place. 

Soak a clean scent dispenser, cotton rag or string in one of Northern Whitetail Scents' products.  Drag 100-150 yards circling your tree stand, crossing deer trails as you go.  Lay dispenser, rag or string at the base of your stand.  Drop several drops of urine/scent where you want the deer to stop.

Place scent pads on the bottom of your boots (Northern Whitetail offers a 4-Pak) using a rubber band.  Place urine on the scent pads every 10-15 steps.  Reapply as you go.  Circle your tree stand.  Drop several drops of urine/scent where you want the deer to stop.

Use Buck or Doe Heat on separate clean cotton rags or scent pads (left and right) walk or drag to tree stand.  Freshen scent on pads every 10-15 steps.  This will create the illusion that a doe is being pursued by a buck. 

Use liquid and gel scents, tarsal gland with buck and dog decoys.  Wearing rubber gloves, place clean cotton rag, scent dispenser or sponge under the tail of the decoy.  Apply scent.  OR Walk into area you want deer to stop in using scent pads on your boots, place your deer decoy.

Bucks are creatures of habit and scrapes will appear in the same area year after year.  Mock scrapes should be started early and be the first scrapes of the season.  Use Northern Whitetail's 100% pure Tarsal Gland Oil, Intruder Urine (urine from 2 different bucks~one young, one older), and Fighting Mad Gel in a mock or real scrape.   These are very effective, especially if used together.  Clear scrape with stick (wearing rubber gloves), pour Tarsal Gland Oil and Intruder Urine into the scrap with a dab of Fighting Mad Gel. Stir.  Freshen scrape every 3 days (waxed paper placed 1-2" under dirt with wax side up will make scents last longer).  You can also use a dripper.  Don't forget that a mock scrape needs to be close to a bedding area and it needs an overhanging branch.  Once scrapes appear in your hunting area, scrape off the top inch of dirt and place it into your mock scrape.  This will drive 'em crazy! 

Wearing rubber gloves, place several 35mm film canisters filled with cotton balls and fresh Northern Whitetail Scents urine around your tree stand location.  Place in areas where you want the deer to stop.

Northern Whitetail Scents thanks you for 20 great years of business! 

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