Interesting Scent Uses
Helpful Hints

Success starts with a 'clean' hunter.  You must eliminate as many human and foreign odors as possible and before you leave for your hunt.

Wash hunting clothes (hats, gloves, socks, etc.) with scent eliminators.  Make your cover scents and eliminators work overtime by placing several drops of scent eliminator on each of your hunting garments and place them in a tightly sealed plastic bag or box with a couple of extra drops (not recommended for Fox or Raccoon Urine).

Shower or bath using scent eliminators.  Eat an apple for natural mouthwash.

Treestand lubricant:  take petroleum jelly and melt in a saucepan on low-medium heat.  Once petroleum has melted, add favorite liquid cover scent (such as Earth or Fall Blend).  Mix solution thoroughly and pour into a container such as a cherry jar or small mayonnaise jar.  Once the solution cools, it's ready to be applied to noisy metal parts without game frightening odors.  Do not use petroleum jelly on rubber parts. 

Spray and clean your hunting equipment with scent eliminators (be sure to include your boots, fanny packs, seats, tree stand, leather belts, etc.).

Be extremely careful of the gun oils or lubricants used on your weapons.  Use an unscented oil that is free of chemical odors.

Use rubber-bottomed boots only for hunting.  (Don't use the same boots to work on your car, cut firewood, clean the garage, etc.)

Use rubber gloves when handling scents, dispensers, drag rags, etc.

Don't smoke or 'chew' in your stand.

Hunt high (minimum 15') and safe.

Hunt hard (don't hunt in your stand for an hour and move).  Set-up and hunt.

Use natural camo in your tree stand.  Don't outline yourself.

Make slow careful movements if you must move at all.

Bring a urine bottle (don't urinate from your stand).

Use scents, lures and cover scents correctly.  Do not contaminate or over use.  Properly seal and store them.  They're a tool, not a guarantee.

Know your hunting location.  The best scents and lures won't work if you're hunting the wrong area.  Scout out your area well before your season.  Know your feeding and bedding areas.  You won't get your deer if there aren't any in the area.  Best time to scout is NOW-snow and sheds.

Never apply scents directly on your body!  You don't want to draw attention to you!

Place your scent bottle in your armpit or front pockets to warm while you walk into your stand.

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